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Udendørs Freestyle begyndersæt - Gym - 1,70m til 2,15m

by Omlet

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Omlets Freestyle udendørs kattetræ er et tilpasseligt, pladsbesparende, sjovt og vejrbestandigt legesystem til både indekatte og udekatte. Vælg mellem en lang række sjovt, praktisk og slidstærkt tilbehør for at skabe et udendørs kattetræ system, der opfordrer dine kæledyr til at udleve deres naturlige instinkter for at kradse, hoppe, klatre og lege.

Gym begyndersættet er perfekt til eventyrlystne katte, der elsker at hoppe, klatre og kradse, men som også sætter pris på en dejlig lur. Designet til 1,7m til 2,15m høje indhegninger.

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4.469,95 kr. Inkl. moms

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Genius designed products - Sally-Anne, Kent,

After purchasing the outside freestyle products to go with the omlet enclosure I'm over the moon with the quality and genius design. The omlet catio pen and equipment has now given freedom to both disabled cats who can now enjoy outside freedom. Unfortunately Sebastian was rescued after being involved in an Rta which resulted in an amputation. Also Brear force one who was rescued from a sad situation has a condition called PRA is now completely blind and didn't understand why he couldn't go outside. The pen and fantastic equipment omlet produce specifically for the pen allows even disabled cats to have there freedom and enrichment. You can order and what you want to go in your pen and assemble what you think works best for your cat especially if they do have disabilities.

My girls love it! - Rachel, UK Mainland,

We've now had the Omlet Catio 2 weeks and my girls Stevie and Esmè absolutely love this. From a human perspective we found the assembly instructions confusing but the videos were far clearer to understand. Assembly wise its a 2 person job especially the roof and when screwing the platforms into place. For someone with some flatpack skill it's not a difficult build. I'm very pleased with the outcome because it looks good in the garden and not ugly. I've ordered some more extras for it now. It's expensive but I'm not regretting it and I'm pleased my girls can safely play out

So glad I got this - Elaina,

I have two large Maine Coon cats and finding products big enough and strong enough for them is always a concern, I got this outdoor cat tree and it was an instant hit with them. It is sturdy enough for both of them to be climbing on it at the same time and offers them lots of choices of viewing platforms and sleeping places. The hammock is a particular favourite and they have a high shelf which allows them to see across the garden which they love. I am so happy with this product that I am now considering adding a second post with more platforms for them.

What a great idea! - Dawn,

I'm lucky enough to have one of these cat trees for my 2 boys. The assembly videos are very helpful initially, I did get a tad lost fitting the top of the pole to the top of the catio, but the helpful peeps in customer services were fabulous, as was Chloe. Neko is a bit of a scared cat (tabby), Clover is the adventurous one (black). But overall a considered purchase which is well worth the cost.

Fantastic tree - sturdy & great quality - Sharon, Nottinghamshire,

We got this for our 3x3m omlet enclosure, it’s really easy to assemble, as with all omlet products. It’s fantastic quality and is a great addition for multi level activity/sleep/groom/observation area for your kitties. 2 of our cats who are elderly, use it daily, they find it easy to manoeuvre on. Covers are washable too which is great!! Absolutely worth having, it’s a considered purchase, however the quality and sturdiness, makes it great value for money (you get what you pay for with some cheaper cat trees) . The great thing about this is that you can completely customise it and add more things as and when you want to! We haven’t added any beds or extra walk ways yet, but sure we will!! Charlie & Millie approve!!

Kundebilleder - Udendørs Freestyle begyndersæt - Gym - 1,70m til 2,15m